In my new job I work in a Windows company, and my own workstation is Ubuntu Linux. So I need to be able to connect to Windows server with Linux:

1. Accessing files

You can try to mount the filesystem of the remote server on Linux using the mount command.

With -o, you can set the options, which may differ depending on the FS type. For example:

For FAT: Option umask exists (See here:
For CIFS: Option uid exists (See here:

So to mount it from Windows, use CIFS type:

# Make sure that you have the cifs-utils package, e.g.
# apt install cifs-utils
mount -t cifs //$ /mnt/altels010 -o uid=msaladin,username=Admin_p00092849
  • whereas
    • msaladin is the username on my Linux workstation (the user who has access to the mount point)
    • Admin_p00092849 is the username used to remotely logon to Windows

2. Remote Desktop

Normally, when you want to connect to a remove server, just do this:

resktop -g 1600x1024

But sometimes, this does not work because the remote Windows server has some enhance security enhancement. In this case, you have another trick:

xfreerdp /u:ad\Admin_p00092849 /
# In you Ubuntu Linux, you can install xfreedp like this:
apt install freerdp-x11