I own a Garmin Fenix, and the watch really looks good. But the Garmin guys just cannot develop a Windows application, because:

  • You can download Garmin Connect from the Windows Store, but when you start it, you need to enter a Garmin account (so no application without online account)
  • After having entered your account details, Garmin Connect crashes

1. Copy the track files to your local harddrive

All the better, so I get to know the details underside. You can connect your Garmin Fenix with USB to your computer, at least on Windows10 there seems to be a driver, and then you find all your tracks stored as files with a .FIT ending. FIT seems to be a Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer format originally created by THISISANT (https://www.thisisant.com/resources/fit) and Garmin seems to use this format. So you can copy all the FIT files you are interested in to your harddrive and then work with it.

2. Convert your track file

FIT is not really understand by many applications which can display such data, so you have to convert the file. For this, I found an OSS software called GPSBabel. It contains a GUI and a command line tool:

So to convert a FIT file e.g. to a GPX file, just do this:

gpsbabel.exe -i garmin_fit -f c:\temp\84J90449.FIT -o gpx -F c:\temp\84J90449.gpx

Of course, you can convert to other file formats as well, e.g. KLM which seems to be used in Google Earth.

3. Display your track

Finally, you need to find an application which can open a tack file, display it on the map, give some summary about it etc... I found another OSS software in the Internet:

It is a java application and is delivered in a JAR file, so you only need a Java runtime, and then start it like this:

c:\apps\java\bin\java.exe -jar GpsMaster_0.63.20.jar

Then, you can import the GPX file and get a nice summary.


  • Garmin Fenix3 manual: https://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/fenix3_OM_EN.pdf